środa, 23 września 2009


"The band moved into really heavy, bombastic sounding psych. Huge monumental sound picture, glancing at aspects of drone as well as noisier sludge and keeping some of the razor riffage. They practically forged a sound completely of their own, becoming one of the most interesting bands of contemporary experimental music. Maybe the most legible difference apart from the style adjustment is singer Jovan’s development. This guy can move mountains with his breath and fits the concept perfectly. The heavy effects laid over his voice make the sound trance like. Another fact contributing to this mammoth of an album, also a clearly important one, was that SUMA managed to get fresh ideas into the production by collaborating with engine ear/producer extra ordinaire Billy Anderson. His touch is noticeable throughout the album, but never takes over. A perfect match. The band come to their right when they improvise, jam it up in lengthy sound travels…through outer and inner space, hypnotizing you, making you forget everything else." LAST.FM



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