sobota, 26 grudnia 2009


"It is a measure of the extraordinary esteem in which she is held that Charlotte Gainsbourg, one of the brightest stars of modern French cinema, should make an album in partnership with such luminaries as Jarvis Cocker, the French duo Air, The Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon and celebrated English producer Nigel Godrich. Her third album has been produced by Beck and was released in France on the 7th of December.
The album, called ‘5:55’, represents a return to the studio for an artist who made her recording debut at the age of 13. Indeed, that first album came around the same time Charlotte made her film debut. Perhaps such burgeoning talents were always deeply embedded in her DNA – she is the daughter of legendary French poet and singer Serge Gainsbourg and the English actress Jane Birkin, herself one of France’s most cherished celebrities.
Charlotte’s debut album, simply called ‘Charlotte Forever’, was a collection of songs written by her father. Lavishly received in France, the album hinted at the possibility of a long recording career. Instead, however, it was the cinema that gripped Charlotte’s attention.
She made her movie debut with ‘Parole et Musique’, the first of some 30 or so films that have established her awesome reputation as one of the most beguiling screen actresses of her generation, feted by directors across Europe. At the age of 15, for instance, Charlotte won a Cesar, the French equivalent of an Oscar and an accolade she was to win again the following decade." LAST.FM

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