środa, 20 stycznia 2010


"Fishing in the morning, philosophising in the evening: Hendrik Weber has updated Marx’s communism in everyday life. After getting up, he turns his life into an analogue artpiece and when going to bed, he manipulates digital data streams.
You may already know him as „Panthel” or „Glühen 4” and as a satellite rotating around the Hamburg-based DIAL label and Indiehouse scene. Hendrik Weber’s current and probably most influential project is „Pantha du Prince”. In 2003, he released the radically introverted debut album „Diamond Daze”: it represents purest sublime physicalness and basically an awesome collection of Hendrik Weber’s knowledge and experience in Indierock, New Music and Techno. It is great to see many different layers of a personal history displayed without any ambition of supersense. Though you will find some canonical references (to Detroit Techno, Theo Parrish, Moodyman, Acid House or to good-old Techno „smasher”), in fact the basic vocabulary of Techno and House is constantly enriched and contaminated by alien word fragments. But interferences are welcome and you must not underestimate neither the influence of Noisepop (My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, A.R. Kane) nor the influence of Electronic Music, Minimalism or Folk on the sometimes psychedelically wobbling sounds from Pantha du Prince. Each reference speaks its own language, and just like life, each influence is multiplied and boundaries get blurred. This layering of sounds and moods produces somewhat bizarre effects as every single layer reveals another one."

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