czwartek, 13 maja 2010


Scuba will release his second full-length album, Triangulation, at the end of March on his own Hotflush Recordings.

Since 2003, Scuba has been among dubstep's most important innovators. Through his own music and releases on Hotflush, he has helped develop the genre through its formative stages. More recently, he's helped to widen dubstep's boundaries by introducing genre-bending artists like Joy Orbison, Jamie Vex'd and Mount Kimbie to the world, in addition to bridging the gap between dubstep and techno, especially on his debut album A Mutual Antipathy and his Sub:stance mix, a CD which accompanied his residency at the techno-dominated Berghain/Panorama Bar.

On Triangulation, Scuba continues to push the envelope. Though the album has a vibe that is distinctly dubstep, there are a number of interesting variations, such as "On Deck," which sports a 4/4 electro beat, or the trip-hop-influenced "Before." 

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