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"Fronted by Shannon Selberg (ex-Cows), The Heroine Sheiks (aka Heroine Sheiks) was an american noise rock band “just as original, noise-ridden and catchy” as Selberg’s previous group, according to Mark Prindle.
It began in New York, 1999, as a collaboration of Shannon Selberg, Norman Westberg and John Fell. After the release of two albums - ‘Rape On The Installment Plan’ (2000) and ‘Siamese Pipe’ (2002) - the original line-up split up, and other musicians worked with Selberg for the release of the band third album, ‘Out Of Aferica’ (2005).
Back to his hometown, Minneapolis, MN, Selberg reunited the Heroine Sheiks third line-up, including ex-Hammerhead Paul Sanders (guitar), Jesse Kwakenat (bass), Sarah Huska (keyboards) and John Harvey Broms (drums). In 2008, the band released their fourth album (‘Journey to the End of the Knife’), by the noise label AmRep, and started off a national tour to promote the new album.
The band called it a day around the beginning of August 2009 for reasons detailed in a myspace blog post by Shannon.
“The patches of habitat, like San Francisco or New York where the Heroine Sheiks can survive have become so isolated and widely spaced that we can no longer make a go of it. We need crowds of a certain size and type in order to feed properly.” LAST.FM



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