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"One of Japan's most interesting bands is the sickening Sludge/Doom ensemble Corrupted. Being completely averse to any form of promotion, they do not do interviews, but instead decided to let their music represent them. And with a stunning total of 13 splits, 7 ep's and four full-lengths (at the moment), they could not ask for a better spokesperson.
Se Hace Por Los Suenos Asesinos", their third full-length, was the first album that came across my path in physical shape. As I was familiar with the name, and acquaintances had made a lot of promises about the band, I had no choice but to pick it up. At that time, little did I know it would turn out to be one of the most bewildering and obsessing experiences in ages.
Opening up with a warm and comforting acoustic strumming, my expectations rose higher and higher. Sure, it is always a good idea to cheat the listener with a calm intro, to ensure maximum effect when hell finally breaks loose. When the first few minutes passed, my patience become more and more troubled to maintain itself. An appalling feeling stealthily took a hold of me. When the slideguitar kicked in after more than five minutes, I panicked. Was this a mistake? Some kind of sick joke? Finally, I had a chance to get Corrupted on some cd, and someone accidentily gave me the wrong disc. But hadn't the cd itself had "Corrupted" printed on it, bright and clear? I settled down again. Perhaps I had just picked their only acoustic cd. What also worked soothingly was the immense quality of the music, which I only noticed at that point.
The tender, gentle and warm guitars are an absolutely delight to the shattered, blood-stained eardrums of every seasoned metalhead out there. The powerful, sonorous bass of vocalist Hevi works better than the best herb out there to reach utter relaxation. His unintelligible lyrics allow the listener to release focus and slowly drone away. The full seventeen minutes that this song lasts, are an absolute oasis of peace.
But then. Of course, in the unholy land of Heavy Metal, such a comfortable state of mind can never sustain itself long. As soon as "Gekkou No Daichi" ends, the second song "Rato Triste" violently crushes every bit of peacefulnes around you. With its squeeling guitars, monstrous bass and hellish old school death growls it morphs every listener into a mindless zombie, with only one thought in mind: SLUDGE. DOOM. DEATH. In the third song, they pick up the pace a bit, resulting in a song with the rampaging force equal to a horde of wild bulls. Corrupted are out to destroy, with their unholy mix of old school Death, Doom, Sludge, Drone and a lot of feedback. Nasty shit.
The latter two songs add up to around seventeen minutes as well, so this album is nicely balanced. Tender subtly versus frantic force. A full-out war between heaven and hell, no compromises. Abandon all sanity and become C o r r u p t e d."



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