poniedziałek, 23 listopada 2009


"Baltimore/Virginia-based trio Pontiak is comprised of multi-instrumentalist brothers Van (guitar, vocals), Jennings (bass, keyboards, vocals), and Lain (drums, vocals) Carney. To date, the prolific Pontiak’s releases - two EPs, two full lengths (“Valley of Cats” and “Maker”) and a mini-LP, “Sun on Sun” have been self-produced, moody slabs of guitar-based rock. The band has grown heavier with each record; “Sun on Sun” can fairly be called a hybrid of classic- and stoner-rock, with songs running into 10-minute territory and extended instrumental breaks. 2009’s “Maker” is even heavier, noisier, and packs a Texas-sized wallop. Both of the band’s more widely-distributed records, “Sun on Sun” and “Maker,” have been critically well-received." LAST.FM


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