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"I have to admit I'm a sucker for anything with sweeping strings, layered soundscapes, along with a somewhat progressive/experimental approach. So it's no surprise EastStrikeWest's debut full-length, 'Wolvves' has won me over greatly.
Opener 'God Can't Take His Eyes Off Me' sets the tone with its grand, epic sound and combination of raw guitars and spiraling strings that dominate and create a mesmerizing sound. Whereas 'Stumble' is a slower yet favourable track, which sees Tom Clark's vocal soaring above and beyond.
'Welcoming The Ghosts' is eerie and haunting with its slow, delicate build-up, whilst 'The Architect' sees the band heading down the dark indie rock route similar to that of White Lies. However EastStrikeWest manage keep their layered and lengthy sound intact, to keep up with the record momentum.
'Every Word And Whisper Said' is beautiful in its approach, as sweeping strings and distant pounding drums create an atmosphere that just grabs you, and helplessly admire. 'Electricity' is somehow the stand out track of the record, as it takes all that is great with this record and throws it into one; the sweet-sounding orchestra, Clark's superb, strong vocals, delicate rock guitars and much more, to create an awe-inspiring performance.
By now you're thinking this record is pretty much fault-less, however you'd be wrong. Despite it's grand, warming sound, 'Wolvves' is a lengthy record and one that is dominated by tracks lasting 5 or 6 minutes long. Therefore EastStikeWest are not the most accessible of bands.
On the other hand, it is a record that you have to live with until realise its brilliance. The bands song-structure is not too complicated, that it doesn't leave you in discomfort. It is a record that flows nearly seamlessly.
Therefore if you're a fan of bands that create a sound that is wide and layered with a slight touch of beauty, then EastStrikeWest might just be your new favourite band."


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