czwartek, 26 listopada 2009


"The original Terminals are a moody, swampy, dark rock band from New Zealand. Working from memory, the Terminals have shared members with Dadamah, Flies Inside The Sun, Victor Dimisich Band, the Renderers, and others of the Xpressway/Flying Nun universe. The early Terminals releases are fairly poppy (e.g. “Frozen Car”), though the darkness begins to emerge with “Disconnect” and then dominates subsequent releases on Xpressway, Raffmond, and Siltbreeze. Standout songs include “Native Waiter,” “Deadly Tango,” and a cover of Roxy Music’s “Both Ends Burning.” All the “similar artists” references on Last.FM are to this version of the Terminals.
There is apparently another, newer Terminals — a punk rock band from Lincoln, Nebraska, signed to Boomchick Records, and consisting of: Dave G- Vox, Guitar, Drums, Keys/Organ. LizHitt - Vox, Guitar, Drums, Keys/Organ. Brooks - Vox, Guitar, Drums. One commenter suggests “they will surely rock your face off.”



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