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"Gridlock was an experimental electronic band originally created by Mike Wells in 1994. A year later, Mike Cadoo joined up, and the duo released their first two demos, Sickness and Frozen, and soon signed to Pendragon Records in 1997. Their style was originally akin to the sound of early Skinny Puppy with less vocals and an ambient aspect not normally found in industrial. Eventually, they took on a more epic soundscape; slowly removing their traditional industrial influence and cultivating an experimental sound, combining elements of ambient, drum and bass, idm/glitch, and noise. Today, they could better be compared to Autechre due to their IDM sound, and to Panacea for their drum and bass experimentation.
On March 24, 2005, the band announced its dissolution on its website, but promised to continue making music under Wells’ and Cadoo’s respective side projects.
Mike Wells will continue the Gridlock ideology through o2, doing remixes for other artists, as well as a new O2 release. He also runs a mastering studio, Mike Wells Mastering.
Mike Cadoo works under the aliases Dryft and Bitcrush. He also runs the record label n5MD and the MP3 label en:peg digital." LAST.FM



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